Please join us…. we will have a number of speakers remembering Dr. Chopra including:

Debi Daviau (National President of PIPSC)

Jodi Koberinski (Co-Founder Dangerous Ideas Festival & Oak Fellow for Human Rights)

Ed Napke (Founder of the Canadian Adverse Drug Reporting Program)

Diana Beresford Kroeger (World recognized author, medical biochemist and botanist)

David Yazbeck (Lawyer specializing in free speech, whistleblowing, labour relations and human rights)

Maude Barlow (Chair of the Council of Canadians – tentative)

Ken Billings (Chair of Canadian Council on Food Safety and Health)28

Rachel Parent (Kids Right to Know)

Sandeep Chopra (Shiv Chopra’s Son)

Anil Chopra (Shiv Chopra’s Son)

Rhea Chopra (Shiv Chopra’s Grand-daughter)