Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMNRs or SMRs) will directly affect indigenous lands and rights

Dr. Gordon Edwards – – Jan 16, 2019

IMPORTANT: Without any adequate consultation with Canadians, including First Nations, the Government of Canada is unilaterally moving ahead with the development and deployment of a whole new generation of nuclear reactors all over Canada, especially in the north, directly impinging on indigenous lands and rights.  These “small modular nuclear reactors” (SMNRs, or SMRs) will ALL generate post-fission radioactive wastes of all varieties: the high level waste which is the irradiated nuclear fuel, and the low and intermediate level wastes such as decommissioning wastes (rubble from dismantling the shut-down reactors or — more likely — just grouting them in place.)

Meanwhile we have learned that the CNSC has been trying to “rig the game” by getting the Canadian Government to EXCLUDE most of these new reactors from the requirement of having a FULL PANEL Environmental Assessment Review. This has been done by CNSC lobbying government officials behind closed doors without any public process, debate, oversight or discussion.

Most of us in the safe energy / renewable energy movement, who are fighting to have a more responsible approach to the long-term management of radioactive waste — including not producing more of this stuff — believe that now is the time to speak up loud and clear in opposition to these dangerous and misguided initiatives.

There should be NO federal money (tax dollars) spent on the subsidization of new nuclear reactors, there should be WIDE-RANGING PUBLIC HEARINGS on the long-term management of radioactive waste, and there should be a requirement for a FULL PANEL Environmental Review for any new nuclear reactor project in Canada.  In addition, First Nations should be fully consulted regarding each and every one of these initiatives.


As you can see from the following article, not only CNL and NRCan, but also OPG and Bruce Power and the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick are also deeply involved in plans for SMNRs

CNL is the same consortium of multinational corporations that is planning the MEGADUMP beside the Ottawa River, and the GROUTING AND ABANDONMENT of two shut-down nuclear reactors (the NPD reactor on the Ottawa River and the WR-1 reactor on the Winnipeg River).

CNL has also been working hard behind closed doors to get the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources (NRCan) and the CNSC completely on board to finance (pay for) and approve (licence) the building of prototype SMNRs (Small Modular Nuclear Reactors) in Canada, at the two federal sites: Chalk River (ON) and Whiteshell (MB).

In early November, at the same time that the Anishinabek Lands and Resources Forum was taking place in North Bay (where Dr. Ole Hendrickson and I gave workshops on radioactive waste storage and transport issues), NRCan was releasing its “Roadmap” for SMNRs in Canada (we always call them SMNRs; they like to leave out the “N” because they know that no one likes “nuclear” anymore).

The NRCan roadmap indicates a desire to build small modular nuclear reactors all over Canada, especially in the north, to support the accelerated exploitation of natural resources and to replace diesel generators with SMNRs in small northern communities, including indigenous communities. – Gordon Edwards

Article referred to below:

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