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“This is Barely the Beginning”—Coronavirus, Deep Ecology, and Resistance – AUDIO 130 min

Deep Green Resistance – Mar 30, 2020 – Audio 130 min

How is coronavirus affecting the movement to save the planet? This in-depth episode includes perspectives from eight Deep Green Resistance organizers from around the world. We talk about morality, pollution, preparedness, community self-defense, mutual aid, and more.

This episode include poetry by Kim Hill, and three tracks: “Horizons” and “Blood,” both by Scott Buckley, and “Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra Meditation Music” by Beth Quist.

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Pollution backlash: https://dgrnewsservice.org/civilizati… Subscribe to The Green Flame Podcast Apple Podcasts RSS Feed Stitcher YouTube About The Green Flame The Green Flame is a Deep Green Resistance podcast offering revolutionary analysis, skill sharing, and inspiration for the movement to save the planet by any means necessary.

Our hosts are Max Wilbert and Jennifer Murnan. How to Support Donate here to support our show and broader political work: https://deepgreenresistance.org/en/su… Please contact us if you can help transcribe this podcast, or want to get involved.


RFK Jr Leads Thousands in Fight Against NY Vaccination Law 912 views Video – 19 min

The Conscious Resistance – Aug 16, 2019 – Video 19 min

RFK Jr. leads anti-vaxxers in court over ban on vaccine exemptions


Sources: https://nypost.com/2019/08/14/rfk-jr-…https://time.com/5606250/measles-case…https://www.theatlantic.com/family/ar… Support the Future of The Conscious Resistance Network: http://fnd.us/theconsciousresistance?…

Glyphosate and Dicamba Herbicides Increase Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

Oct 13 2018 –  by Sustainable Pulse

A new study has found that some of the world’s most widely used herbicides, Roundup (glyphosate) and Kamba (dicamba), increase the rate of antibiotic resistance development in bacteria by a factor of up to 100,000 times faster than occurs without the herbicide.

Both herbicides are used on GM crops engineered to tolerate them.

The new study adds to a growing body of evidence that herbicides used on a mass industrial scale, but not intended to be antibiotics, can have profound effects on bacteria, with potentially negative implications for medicine’s ability to treat infectious diseases caused by bacteria. University of Canterbury (New Zealand) Professor Jack Heinemann, one of the study’s authors, said, “The combination of chemicals to which bacteria are exposed in the modern environment should be addressed alongside antibiotic use if we are to preserve antibiotics in the long-term.”

An important finding of the new study was that even in cases where the herbicides increase the toxicity of antibiotics they also significantly increased the rate of antibiotic resistance, which the authors say could be contributing to the greater use of antibiotics in both agriculture and medicine.

Previously these researchers found that exposures to the herbicide products Roundup, Kamba and 2,4-D or the active ingredients alone most often increased resistance, but sometimes increased the susceptibility of potential human pathogens such as Salmonella enterica and Escherichia coli, depending on the antibiotic.

Prof Heinemann said, “We are inclined to think that when a drug or other chemical makes antibiotics more potent, that should be a good thing. But it also makes the antibiotic more effective at promoting resistance when the antibiotic is at lower concentrations, as we more often find in the environment. Such combinations can be like trying to put out the raging fire of antibiotic resistance with gasoline.”

The authors concluded that neither reducing the use of antibiotics nor the discovery of new ones may be sufficient strategies to avoid the post-antibiotic era. This is because bacteria may be exposed to other non-antibiotic chemicals that predispose them to evolve resistance to antibiotics more quickly. Herbicides are examples of some of the most common non-antibiotic chemicals in frequent global use. Thus antibiotic resistance may increase even if total antibiotic use is reduced, and new ones are invented, unless other environmental exposures are also controlled.

The new paper, “Agrichemicals and antibiotics in combination increase antibiotic resistance evolution” is published online in the peer-reviewed journal PeerJ on October 12 and can be downloaded without charge from here.


Climate Change Could Supercharge Threat of Antibiotic Resistance: Study

The ‘associations between antibiotic resistance and temperature could be increasing over time’

The World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have previously sounded alarms about the growing issue of antibiotic resistance—a problem already linked to overprescribing of antibiotics and industrial farming practices. Now, new research shows a link between warmer temperatures and antibiotic resistance, suggesting it could be a greater threat than previously thought on our ever-warming planet.

The study, led by epidemiologists from Harvard Medical School (HMS), Boston Children’s Hospital, and the University of Toronto, was published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change.

“The effects of climate are increasingly being recognized in a variety of infectious diseases, but so far as we know this is the first time it has been implicated in the distribution of antibiotic resistance over geographies,” said Derek MacFadden, an infectious disease specialist and research fellow at Boston Children’s and study co-author.


Solutions: Building Communities (Corbett Report) 39 min

People are isolated from each other, public spaces are being privatized, and we are being punished for attempting to grow our own food. There is only one solution: resistance. Join James for this classic Corbett Report episode where he explores how to build communities through revolutionary gardening, revolutionary walking and other everyday activities.

Bacteria Resistant to all Treatments – Natural Allopathic Medicine to the Rescue

The mainstream media reports it like this: “The rise of the superbug is happening right now — and our last defense has just begun to collapse. The world is on the brink of an antibiotic apocalypse. A new dark age of medicine looms.

Natural Allopathic Medicine offers humanity a fighting chance against antibiotic resistant infections because they attack bacteria, viruses and fungus infections in a very different way.

Bacteria Resistant to all Treatments – Natural Allopathic Medicine to the Rescue