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Informed consent no longer exists in America (49 min)

Dr. John Bergman – Apr 14, 2019 – 49 min

Dr. John Bergman and the Extreme Health Academy bring you an important lecture on the history of vaccines in North America and the changing education information put out by the CDC that is leaving out important information. Informed consent is disappearing before our eyes and government policy is dumbing down the public.

This is an important topic and lecture for all.

VIDEO LINK (49 min)

What is an integral and popular agrarian reform?

Recently, I happened upon new publication published in mid-October by La Via Campesina, a global peasant and small farmers movement, entitled Struggles of La Via Campesina for Agrarian Reform and the Defense of Life, Land, and Territories.  The 29-page report analyzes the issues faced around the world in the context of food sovereignty and food production, and explains the need for an integrated’ agrarian reform within a global context. The document recognizes that models of reform cannot be “static,” must go beyond issues of land tenure and include fishers and the marine environment, and must include comprehensive policies that control profit-making related to food.


Agrarian Reform