Youth Garden Seed Starter Barter – Spring 2019

Offer a Youth Garden Seed Starter Barter to the children in your neighbourhood.

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Give children the gift of wonder and health by inspiring them to grow delicious food.

NOTE: These instructions are in the slide Template provided.

Use this Seed Provider TEMPLATE to customize your slide show. First go to the File drop-down menu, Copy and Rename your slide show so you can edit. Go to Insert/Image to add your own vegetable pictures. Then add the name and a description of each vegetable. To email, use File, drop-down menu and choose email as an attachment.
Ask your neighbours with children if you can email the slide show to the parents/children. Pick a Saturday in March or early April when the children and parents can come by with small plastic bags and markers to get some seeds to plant. Example: 4 vegetables, 2 seeds per child to plant.

The barter part is that when the children grow a vegetable, they offer a taste sample of the harvest to the seed gifter. A reciprocal gift of appreciation, education and community.
Please share your actions and results with us at and we will post some of your stories on

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Youth Garden Seed Starter Barter – Spring, 2019

Note to Barter Participants
Order seeds suitable to your region. Most regions of North America have a seed company that specializes in seeds that do well in the area. Some gardeners order from big national seed houses, but encourage supporting smaller, local, organic and heirloom seed suppliers. You can find many of these online with a simple search of
‘organic vegetable seeds + your province or region’. Even better, ask gardeners around town for seed suppliers who may not have a big internet presence but whose seeds are robust and well-suited to the local growing conditions. It will only add to your chances of success.
Pay attention to growing conditions. When we say don’t try to grow tomatoes where there is no sun, we speak from experience. Most seed suppliers have extensive websites with basic growing info on each seed variety offered. If you stick with what works, you’ll be successful. Of course, you can always experiment (because you just never know what might work in your garden), but most of the time the plants are bred for specific conditions and do best under those conditions.

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Youth Garden Seed Starter Barter – Spring 2019

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OPTION B – Print above and include a picture print out of your seed package choices to offer parents to help you explain the Seed Starter Barter Action. Give a verbal Seed Starter Barter explanation of how the Seed Starter Barter works.