The Dangers of EMF – Interview With Peter Sullivan – mercola (60 min)

Mercola – Jul 28, 2019 – Video 60 min

• Peter Sullivan is the founder of Clear Light Ventures, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the health effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure • For years, Sullivan struggled with declining health; eliminating magnetic field exposure and cleaning up sources of dirty electricity helped enormously

• Four main types of EMFs are electric fields from house wiring and corded appliances; magnetic fields from power lines, motors and transformers; radio frequencies from cellphones, smart meters, Wi-Fi and other wireless devices; and dirty electricity from transient voltage spikes

• While you can measure all of these, there’s no one single meter that can provide you information about all of these EMFs. For a comprehensive assessment of your exposures, you will need more than one meter

• EMF exposure appears to be a significant contributor to autism, and many children improve when EMF exposures are addressed and minimized