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List of article links for July 2020 - Food Justice News

CCFSH - July 30, 2020 - Ken Billings

Do to the lock down and other commitments I did not have time to update in detail so I am giving you a list of pertinent articles that you can browse through. May have to do this for August as well.

All the best to the CCFSH community. If you have local stories you wish to share please send them to me to include in the August “FOOD Justice NEWS….Thank you, Ken Billings, editor

As Evidence of ‘Hormone Disruptor’ Chemical Threats Grows, Experts Call for Stricter Regulation

Sustainable Pulse - Jul 24 2020 -

Higher Doses Of Omega-3 Supplements May Be Needed For Averting Cognitive Decline

Dr. Rath Health Foundation - July 24, 2020

Bayer Developing New Genetically Engineered Corn Designed To Work With FIVE Herbicides

Dr. Rath Health Foundation - July 24, 2020

Genome Editing in Food and Farming: Risks and Unexpected Consequences

CBAN - July 7, 2020

Canning Tomatoes WITHOUT a pressure cooker and No Water Bath | Useful Knowledge - VIDEO 6 min

Useful Knowledge - Video 6 min

How to Use Eggshells, Banana Peels, and Coffee Grounds in the Garden - Video 8 min

Epic Gardening - Video 8 min

Crops You Can Plant in Late July - Early August for a Fall Harvest - Video 14 min

Migardener - Video 14 min