Africa and the world needs to hear this; Dr Vandana Shiva Calls War On Bill Gates – Video 44 min

Zoom Africa TV – Apr 20, 2020 – Video 44min

Our goal at Zoom Africa TV is to throw more light on everything concerning Africa, zoom into the values and beauty of what makes us Africans as well as showcase investment opportunities for Africans in the diaspora and make it easy for people to see available investment opportunities. But in doing that, we don’t forget to also entertain you.


Coronavirus Will Lead to a Rennissance for Decentralization, Permaculture, and Mutual Aid – video – 48 min

The Conscious Resistance – Apr 25, 2020 – Video 48 min


In this video John Bush talks about the opportunity we have to further the philosophies and strategies of decentralization, permaculture, and mutual aid. He will discuss the failures of a centralized economies, food production systems, and social organizations and will present a more viable alternative. An alternative we can all play a role in bringing to fruition. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

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Vandana Shiva On the Real Cause of World Hunger – Video

Food Farmer Earth – Mar 10, 2020 – Video 3 min

VIDEO – 3 min

“…food production must once again be an issue of sustainability, taking care of the earth and the human right to food must be an inalienable right.” – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Trained as a physicist, Vandana Shiva is an organic farmer, social activist and renowned environmentalist. She warns that global hunger is a product of “intensive chemical farming” which turns biodiverse land into monocultures that are too costly for farmers to sustain and produces too little nutritional crops for local consumption. In this 2009 interview, Vandana Shiva talks about third world countries like her native India where agricultural communities are surrounded by fertile farmland and highly favorable growing conditions yet struggle with high rates of childhood hunger. Much of the food grown by indigenous farmers are exported to richer countries.


I think the first thing to recognize about hunger, is that today, it’s a rural phenomena, it’s mainly in third world countries it’s mainly among communities that are actually agricultural communities. So why are people who are growing food going hungry themselves, they’re going hungry, because everything they have grown has to be sold in order to pay for the costly seeds and the costly chemicals. So a high cost chemical intensive agriculture is a recipe for hunger.

Secondly, The models of agriculture that chemical farming has promoted a monocultures. monocultures are nutritionally impoverished, the same acre of land. Using biodiversity using organic and ecological methods could produce five to 10 times more nutrition than a monoculture can so maximizing the production of commodities for international trade is directly proportionate to the decrease in nutrition availability to local communities which is why hunger grows. If the, the world has to be fed. It has to be fed by growing food locally, to be used locally as the biggest proportion of the food basket.

Some elements will be traded internationally. But what is traded internationally should not be staple foods. What is traded internationally shouldn’t be that extra flavor of spices from India, and coffee from Guatemala. That’s all right. But to turn the world into a dependency on staples, has nothing to do with feeding the world, it has a lot to do with controlling the food supply.

The United States evolved phrase during the Vietnam War and the war phrase was food as a weapon. The use of food as the ultimate weapon of control, and the tragedy is the growth of Agribusiness in the US has gone hand in hand with the US foreign policy to deliberately create hunger locally in order to make the world dependent on food supplies, through which you can then control countries and their decision making ability. So hunger is has become an instrument of war and food, responding to that artificially created hunger is an instrument for peace means you grow food locally you grow foods, the peace.

You grow food non-violently, and the countries that are today was victims of hunger could be the highest produce of food. Africa has the largest land per eight by human being, per capita Africa is an abundant continent. And yet because of the deliberate policies. It has today been turned into a continent of under, India, which has the best source the best monsoons the highest biodiversity should not have any problem with growing in our food, and yet 70% of our children are going hungry, because the economic system is robbing them of their right to food.

So, food production must once again be an issue of sustainability, taking care of the earth and the human right to food must be an inalienable right. These rights cannot be ensured through a marketplace where food has become a commodity and then a subject of speculation. We saw what speculation did in 2008 food prices doubled, and the companies that control the food system, double their profits, while riots took place in 40 countries.


How To Easily Turn Unwanted Weeds Into Valuable Liquid Garden Fertilizer – video

Plant Abundance – Apr 17, 2020 – Video 6 min

Suggestion by viewer: I added some Epsom salt, SEA-90 Sea Salt, along with GS Plant Food Kelp/Fish emulsion for additional macro and micro nutrients. In the summer, I add Moringa Tree Clippings to the brew. Cheapest fertilizer you can make and it makes a ton of good, cheap fertilizer.

Liquid Garden Fertilizer VIDEO – 6 min

10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a New Vegetable Garden – video

GrowVeg – Feb 8, 2020 – Video 6 Min

Growing a garden is equal parts challenging, rewarding, mystifying and uplifting. There’s a lot to learn, but we’re here to help. Don’t make the same mistakes we did! In this short video we’ll share our top 10 tips to help you grow a successful garden. If you love growing your own food, why not take a look at our online Garden Planner which is available from several major websites and seed suppliers:

10 Things VIDEO – 6 min

Fun Garden Activities for Kids During Lockdown – video 6 min

GroVeg – Apr 10, 2020 – Video 6 min

We all know that kids are bundles of boundless energy, so it’s no surprise that the coronavirus lockdown is proving exhausting for many parents! If you’re looking for ideas to keep your little ones occupied, look no further. As a base for homeschooling lessons, art projects, nature exploration and healthy exercise, your garden might just be the best – and most fun – classroom your kids ever have. In this short video we’ll share some handy tips to keep kids busy – and you sane!

Make a bug hotel:…

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