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World’s Easiest No-Knead Sandwich Bread using a Poor Man’s Dutch Oven - Video 6 min

artisanbreadwithsteve - Aug 7, 2015 - Video 6 min

Looking for a Dutch oven that will shape sandwich bread… no problem… use a “poor man’s Dutch oven”. Bread making doesn’t get any easier than this… no mixer or bread machine (I’ll make it in a glass bowl with the handle end of a plastic spoon)… no-kneading (Mother Nature will do the kneading for me)… “hands-free” technique (that’s right… I won’t even touch the dough)… no shaping (I’ll let the “poor man’s Dutch oven” shape the loaf for me). It doesn’t get any easier than this.


Homemade YOGURT [NO MACHINE ⚙️ and NO Electricity ⚡ REQUIRED] - Video 8 min

Yannick Lescure - Feb 26, 2018 - Video 8 min

Hi rebellious cooks, in this video I show you how to make your yogurt at home without a machine (electric yogurt maker) based on the principle of the “haybox”. Bon appetite 😃 Some reading Detailed recipe… Yogurt pots

If you want to translate this video in your language, just click on this link… English subtitles source files here…#yannicklescure