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How Coca Cola Lies to the World - Video 5 min

MindValley - Mar 11, 2020 - Video 5:20

It’s more addictive than cocaine. It’s the cause of a plethora of illnesses. And it’s been sold to you as part of the biggest mass brainwashing ever 🥤 Subscribe to our channel and join us in spreading something far healthier…the truth 👉

Introducing Coca Cola! And Vishen Lakhiani is about to tell you what they don’t want you to know… 

So Coke spreads happiness? In reality, they’re spreading diabetes and poor gut health 😓 

There’s over 70 grams of sugar in ONE can of coca-cola, equating to the weight of a large tennis ball! 🎾 

And even if you opt for Coca Cola Zero, the sugar free version of the product, the artificial sweeteners actively destroy the delicate balance of bacteria in your intestines. This is actually more harmful to your health long term than the original Coke 🤯 

This, amongst other manipulative, unethical practises of the company…we’re NOT ok with here at Mindvalley. And it’s one of our missions to raise awareness about one of the biggest enemies of health and wellness in the world today 🥤 

So if you too want to be on the leading edge of humanity’s Coca Cola awareness revolution, feel free to share this video, edit it, dub it in your language, put it on your YouTube channel…anything you need to do to spread the word!


Consuming cancer tastes SO good: High fructose corn syrup is “cancer” food, increases tumor growth

Natural News - Sept 12, 2019 by: Lance D Johnson

Food and beverage companies have studied the human brain to figure out the best way to addict you to their products. Using flavor science, these companies have found the most efficient way to excite your taste buds and incite pleasure in your brain. This mad science is done in the light of day, en masse, with no regard to the public health crisis it has helped create.

HFCS burdens the liver, causes weight gain

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one of the oldest, most commonly used flavor sciences throughout the grocery world, and it is metabolized differently than regular table sugar. HFCS is 42 to 45 percent glucose and at least 55 percent fructose. In some instances, HFCS can be comprised of 90 percent fructose. These molecules are unbound and contained in liquid form, as opposed to table sugar, which is a crystallized solid, with a more balanced glucose to fructose ratio.

Table sugar is derived from sugar cane or sugar beets. HFCS is derived from genetically modified corn. HFCS became more profitable because it is sweeter to the tongue and more addicting. It’s also more profitable because government subsidies have made corn more accessible, allowing food and beverage companies unlimited supply of this commodity. Today, HFCS can be added to your ketchup, your salad dressing, yogurt, crackers, snack bars, steak sauce, applesauce, cereal, and juices, among several other grocery items. It is the top sweetener for your favorite soft drinks. Even though consuming excess table sugar is dangerous for your health, HFCS is speeding up the damage. This is mainly because HFCS contains excess fructose, which burdens the liver. The liver converts excess fructose to glycogen. As glycogen builds up, it turns to body fat. This process hinders healthy metabolism and causes insulin resistance, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.

HFCS accelerates tumor growth in the intestines

new study from Baylor College of Medicine shows that HFCS damages animals all the way down to the cellular level. The study title, “High-fructose corn syrup enhances intestinal tumor growth in mice” suggests that even a moderate amount of HFCS can cause tumors to grow.

In the study, mice with early stage colon cancer were either given plain water or water that was mixed with 25 percent HFCS. After a single month, all the mice that consumed water tainted with HFCS gained weight. Worse yet, these mice “showed a substantial increase in tumor size and tumor grade.” HFCS was fueling not only the weight gain, but it was also helping tumors grow in the animal’s intestines. The tumor growth was not due to genetics, metabolic syndrome, or obesity; it was the direct effect of HFCS consumption.

Sadly, the same mechanisms for early stage colon cancer can occur in both mice and humans. If the study were to be replicated in humans, only one can of soda per day would be needed to be in proportion. This means that a single can of soda a day creates the perfect conditions for tumors to grow in the intestines of humans.

Every product that contains HFCS is contributing to cancer in your body. Not only should all these grocery items contain a cancer warning sticker on the packaging, but oncologists should also be warning their patients to refrain from all products that contain HFCS. Instead of taking the cause of cancer seriously, most families that suffer from cancer continue to eat and drink whatever they desire. Family members will host cancer charity events to raise money for chemotherapy, only to serve their guests a bunch of soda, hotdogs, beer, cookies, and other HFCS “delicacies” that only feed the state of cancer that most people live in.


TOXIC FOOD is killing humanity: One-fifth of global deaths now linked to processed junk food and toxic ingredients

Natural News - Oct 25, 2017

A 2017 Report but even more relevant in 2019…FJN

A new study conducted at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington( and published in The Lancet medical journal finds that a shocking 20 percent of global deaths are caused by toxic foods, junk foods, processed foods and harmful food ingredients. In essence, the study reveals that the toxic food industry is now about as dangerous as Big Tobacco.

As covered in The Guardian:

The study, based at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, compiles data from every country in the world and makes informed estimates where there are gaps… Diet is the second highest risk factor for early death after smoking. The problem is often seen as the spread of western diets, taking over from traditional foods in the developing world.

In other words, all the toxic food ingredients, processed foods, junk foods and fast foods that we’ve been warning you about for years are now being recognized by the science establishment to be one of the leading killers of human beings across our planet. Many of these foods are saturated with glyphosate and pesticides, and an increasing number are also genetically engineered. The food industry, in other words, is about as dangerous to human health as the tobacco industry, yet while Big Tobacco is highly regulated, there are virtually no enforced regulations that limit heavy metals, pesticides or dangerous chemical ingredients (like aspartame) in the U.S. food supply.

Once again, this emerging science confirms Natural News as being scientifically correct and way ahead of the curve. We’ve been warning readers about the toxicity of the food supply for almost 15 years, even as the corrupt food industry attempted to discredit anyone who dared report the truth about toxic ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils.

Watch the full report in the Natural News videos here:

Book: The Hacking of the American Mind - The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains (Video & Audio)

by Robert H. Lustig, MD                                                                                         Author of New York Times Bestseller, FAT CHANCE

VIDEO: San Francisco Library Robert H. Lustig (99 Min)

AUDIO: Interview with author  Robert H. Lustig (65 Min)

Page 17-18: Once upon a time we were happy. Then the snake showed up and we’ve been miserable ever since. Hieronymus Bosch’s painting Garden of Earthly Delights (circa 1500) is a triptych housed in the Prado in Madrid. It is an allegorical warning of what happens when we squander our birthright of happiness divined from God in one garden and move on to the pleasures of the flesh in the next garden, with the inevitable result of eternal damnation. Figures. Our most lauded goal in life - to be happy - is seemingly an illusion, out of reach for us common folk. Except the rich aren’t any happier. Happiness seems to be a mirage, something to chase after, to keep us turning over rocks, kissing frogs, and trying to fit keys into the magic lock.

But along the way, wandering through our own individual gardens of earthly delights in search of our seemingly unobtainable nirvanas, we’ve sure had a whole lot of fun. Or we’ve at least tried to. We buy shiny things, play Powerball, imbibe with friends or sometimes alone. So why are so many of us miserable? Are we destined just to sink further into the abyss of pleasure with no hope of extricating ourselves to find real happiness? Is it all futile? Lots of people have died trying to get to that magic place of contentment and inner peace, that thing called “happiness”. But if we can’t get there, what’s the point?

What if I told you that happiness is right there in front of you, just behind the curtain of your own brain?

To some, an argument over the difference between pleasure and happiness might seem like a straw man, a false argument not really worth having. Hey, they both feel good; why should you care? And pleasure is here, now. Happiness…maybe not so much, and not so soon.

But it does matter. And not just to you but to all of society. Explaining the differences between these two otherwise positive emotions forms the narrative arc of this book.

Page 24

For the rest of this book, pleasure, derived from the French plaisir for “to please”, is defined as the concept of gratification or reward. The keys to this definition are:

  1. it is immediate
  2. it provides some level of excitement or amusement, and
  3. it is dependent on circumstance.

Conversely, happiness is defined as the Aristotelian concept of eudemonia - that is, “contentment” or well-being or human flourishing, or, as the introductory quote from Yeats, “growth” - physical and/or spiritual. The keys to this definition are:

  1. It’s about life, not the afterlife,
  2. it’s not prone to acute changes in one’s life, and
  3. it is unrelated to circumstance, so anyone can be happy, not just the rich and powerful.

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Big Food Wants You To Believe Obesity is Caused by Lack of Exercise not Junk Food and the Spin Is Working

Counterpunch - Aug 24,2018

Big Food is increasingly targeting poor countries as “emerging markets” to please Wall Street and shareholders––perhaps because getting people fat and hooked on junk food in rich countries has plateaued.

“The single largest donor to congressional candidates was the Brazilian meat giant JBS, which gave candidates $112 million in 2014,” reports the Times about Big Food’s influence in Brazil. (JBS acquired Swift & Company, the third largest US beef and pork processor, in 2007 and slaughters an astounding 51.4 thousand head per day.) In 2014, Coca-Cola gave $6.5 million in campaign contributions in Brazil and McDonald’s donated $561,000.

A few years 
ago, Reuters reported that the World Health Organization’s Pan American Health Organization takes hundreds of thousands of dollars and “obesity” advice from junk food and soft drink companies. No wonder the advice stresses “exercise” and gives aggressive marketing to children a pass. Was anyone surprised when Coke became Mexico’s top-selling soft drink under its former president and chief executive who was also Mexico’s president, VicenteFox?

Coca-Cola has bought itself a huge economic footprint. It provides funding to the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the American College of Cardiology, the American Academy of Pediatrics and Harvard Medical School/Partners in Health. It donates to major universities, recreation and fitness groups and organizations serving ethnic and minority groups whose members are especially challenged with obesity.

In the 2014 movie “Fed Up” Katie Couric exposed how the US government admonishes people to eat right, while pushing the foods that make them fat, and how school lunchrooms have also been bought by Big Food. The film reveals how the egg, sugar and other Big Food industries revised guidelines generated from the 1977 McGovern Report that recommended people eat less foods high in fat and sugar to favor them, overruling Sen. McGovern.

In 2006, a similar Big Food triumph occurred. Faced with the United Nations’ WHO food recommendations that were similar to the McGovern Report, then Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Tommy G. Thompson actually flew to Geneva to threaten WHO that if the guidelines stood, the US would withdraw its WHO financial support. Yes––supporting agriculture is more important to the US government than the health of its people.

Read on…SOURCE