Shivista Collective #1 - Canada Food and Drugs Act

(Named in honour of Dr. Shiv Chopra, author of “Corrupt to the Core - Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower”)

To educate the public on Health Canada’s obligations under the Food and Drugs Act.
To hold Health Canada accountable to its obligations under the Act by providing examples of how Health Canada’s policies and actions contravene the Food and Drugs Act and undermine the safety of the Canadian food supply.
To expose the ‘power and control’ tension between industry and government complicity.

A group of interested citizen reporters, coined Shivista Collective #1, will be led by a steering committee which will collectively set the focus and goals for 2019 on how to research, write and disseminate the facts and stories Canadians want to share on this

CCFSH will invite Shivistas to this group until April 30th and will form a steering committee which will communicate with Shivista Collective #1 to finalize the purpose and methodology. Example: research, articles, interviews, letters to the editor, theatre, multimedia, etc.
We would ideally like to launch by April 30th but others can join after that date.

Shivista Collective #1 will be set up with their own Forum to report on what is being attempted and what types of outreach are effective.
The Collective submits timely progress reports to FOOD Justice NEWS.

Next Steps:
At the end of twelve months Shivista Collective #1 evaluates benchmarks and sets appropriate goals for 2020.

The focus is to educate the public to demand our government follow the Food and Drugs Act and the scientific method as designed. The aim is to make sure Health Canada obeys the Food and Drugs Act and make sure all Canadians have access to affordable, unadulterated organic food. The last part is to stay vigilant and make sure there are checks and balances to keep it accountable.

To sign up as a Shivista in Collective #1
  “Canada Food and Drugs Act” go to

the Join the Movement sign up form to your right, or on the front page.