Shivista Collective #2 - Five Pillars of Food Safety

(Named in honour of Dr. Shiv Chopra, author of “Corrupt to the Core - Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower”)

To educate the public on the Five Pillars of Food Safety.
Dr. Chopra stated that when you ban these five substances you have organic food:
1) Hormones
2) Antibiotics
3) Slaughterhouse waste fed to food-producing animals
4) GMOs
5) Pesticides
To pressure governments, corporations and factory farms to ban these five toxins so that our food system becomes the healthiest in the world.

A group of concerned people, coined Shivista Collective #2, will be led by a steering committee which will collectively set the agenda for 2019 to educate the public on the urgency of banning these five toxins and demanding a return to an organic Canadian food supply.

CCFSH will invite Shivistas to this group until April 30th and will form a steering committee which will communicate with Shivista Collective #2 to move the yardsticks towards organic solutions for all Canadians. Example: research, articles, interviews, letters to the editor, theatre, multimedia, etc.
We would ideally like to launch by April 30th but others can join after that date.

Shivista Collective #2 will be set up with their own Forum to report on the status and progress of outreach and educational activities.
The Collective submits timely progress reports to FOOD Justice NEWS.

Next Steps:
At the end of twelve months Shivista Collective #2 evaluates benchmarks and sets appropriate goals for 2020.

This is a goal that will take a great deal of focus and education. The majority of our food is from factory farms, is toxic and has less nutrients than unadulterated organic food. Canadians deserve safe and healthy food, free from contamination.

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