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BREAKING: Impacts of Food Contact Chemicals on Human Health Report Released

Plasticpollutioncoalition - Mar 3, 2020

Impacts of Food Contact Chemicals on Human Health: A Consensus Statement

Scientists from around the world agree - the chemicals in plastic packaging are contaminating our food and putting our health, particularly the health of our children, at risk. 

An unprecedented report documenting over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies on the subject, called  Impacts of Food Contact Chemicals on Human Health: A Consensus Statement has been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Health, by the Food Packaging Forum and other scientific advisors on March 3.

This statement could not be clearer: single-use packaging isn’t just a pollution crisis- it’s a public health threat.

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Plastic Pollution Coalition and the Break Free From Plastic movement join with public health advocates around the globe to call on lawmakers to:

  1. ensure full disclosure and traceability of chemicals used in packaging throughout the supply chain;
  2. restrict the use of hazardous chemicals in food packaging (and products), and prevent regrettable substitutions, and
  3. adopt policies that support the transition towards safe, reusable, and refillable packaging.

Organizations can sign on in support here.

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Radical Food Resistance - A call to arms against Big Food.

BY Wayne Roberts
| 43.2 Food and Resilience

This good food conversation needs to be sprinkled with words that name the dominant food system characteristic – control by dominant corporations. “Struggling against” needs to become as much part of the food ethos as “collaborating toward.”

What would this mean practically?

We would laugh out loud at the mention of, and criticize Ontario’s Local Food Act, which has not provided a dime for public purchasing of local and sustainable food, nor a penny for urban agriculture, or new and young farmers.

We would denounce the governing Trudeau Liberals for giving the kiss of death to a national food policy by handing the file to the department of agriculture, which has no officials or staff who are knowledgeable about food security or public health and which is controlled by agribusiness interests. We would also denounce the Ministry of Finance project, led by private consultant Dominic Barton of McKinsey and Company, to make factory farms and food exports the engine of Canada’s emerging economy – as well as the nearly billion dollars in so-called super-cluster grants to big corporations.

Source: Alternative Journal article